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Web design for business, companies or personal blogs. Business marketing strategies for the web and search engine marketing, website and social media optimization.

After years of building and managing my own business websites and the love of learning and being involved in web design and marketing, it made perfect sense to me to captivate and pursue my passion full time for individuals and businesses.

To date I have managed a few websites to successfully gain a first page ranking on Google and other major search engines. As well as being able to manipulate listings on directory and advertising sites including YouTube to rank on the first page of Google.

As I continue to learn and grow professionally in conjunction with working on business websites and web development in Adelaide. I endeavor to grow and to be able to employ other designers and programmers to work along with me to enable larger scale projects to be taken on.

I have many ideas to put forth for my own personal projects and including outside projects as well.

If you are looking into acquiring a website for yourself or business please get in touch. I will be able to apply numerous techniques to have a successful website and ranked well in a Google search.

webIkon, implementing strategic web techniques for your online success.