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This website is a bit of a ongoing process at the moment due to lack of time from building websites and developing for others but I've decieded to put it up anyway. Overtime eventually it will be completed but like all website development its an ongoing process and never can be finished because there is always some else that can be done to it :).

Web Design

Web design for business, companies or personal blogs.

Modern website designed and maintained using html5, CSS and javascript. I am able to do most things that you see on todays websites. Responsive designs so your website will work on a variety of screen sizes including phones tablets as well as tv's. I can take care of the domain purchase and hosting creating web graphics and image manipulations using Photoshop. PHP email forms, image galeries and sliders.


Search engine optimization or SEO is the manipulation of the webpage coding and content so it falls within the criteria of a search engines algorithm. This allowing it to be indexed and ranked accordingly.

Search engine optimization is an important part of maintaining a website and to incorporate into a business plan. Without a good page rank on google and other major search engines a website will not be visible to the searchers and will therefore not exist on the internet.

To Date I have a 100% success rate for achieving a 1st page ranking on Google, whether it be a website youtube video or a directory listing. Please dont be fooled by some seo experts or marketing firms that claim they will get your website at the 1st position of Google, as in most cases this does not happen. It can take up to 6 months to get a 1st page position and then continuous work is needed to establish further keywords and to maintain its position.


Search Engine Marketing involves methods to promote the website. This would include using paid ads such as google AdWords, writing articles on blog sites about the website, and using social media to promote the website.

webIkon, Implementing strategic web techniques for your online success.